Friends of Foster Children Forever (FFCF) is pleased to announce they are now accepting vehicle donations through a partnership with Naples Auto Donation Center Inc. (NADC).
NADC is a local charitable vehicle donation program that simplifies vehicle donation processing for Collier County non-profits.

“Non-profits are often hesitant to accept donated vehicles, because of all of the paperwork and associated costs. NADC eliminates the burden, while giving the donor the freedom to donate their car, RV or motorcycle as a charitable gift to a local charity,” said Bill Walsh, vice president.

FFCF President Doug Campbell is excited about the opportunity. “Anytime a non-profit can increase their revenue without cost or liability, it’s a great opportunity,” he said.
Funds generated from donated vehicles will help support FFCF’s tutoring program. To find out more about NADC, please visit or call 239-692-9840.
For information:


Call NADC to turn your tax-deductible auto donation into cash to help FFC help abused children!

•NADC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, licensed, bonded, and insured auto dealer
•NADC accepts automobiles in any condition
•Proceeds from EVERY donated vehicle help fund Friends of Foster Children
•All donations are tax deductible

Thank You to our Program Partners

On an annual basis, our Program Partners review FFCF grant requests and consider ongoing funding to support specific programs.