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Board of Directors

  • Susan K. Erb, Chair (Senior VP & Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management)

  • Doug Campbell, Immediate Past Chair (Retired CEO & President, Arcadian Corp. & An-Maz Custom Chemicals Inc,)

  • Jim Derham, Treasurer (Retired President Marriott Facilities Management)

  • Rebecca Lambert, M.D., Secretary (Founder/President, The Woodruff Institute)

  • Bob Almond (Founder & CEO, NEST International)

  • Edee DeLuca, CPA (Community Patron)

  • Alison Douglas, Esq. (Principal-in-Charge, Cummings & Lockwood)

  • PJ Fuerstman-Meyer (Founder/President, Pzazz Productions)

  • Craig Harrington, CPA

  • Jim Henderson (President, William C. Huff Companies)

  • Mary Pisarczyk (Community Patron & Former Teacher)

  • Elaine Rubin Moorin (Former Researcher, Early Childhood Development)

  • Brian Sawyer (Detective Sergeant, Collier Sheriff’s Office)

  • Michael J. Schroeder (Founder & President, Wasmer Schroeder & Company)

Honorary Board

  • Cathy Appelbaum

  • Suzanne Meiners-Levy, Esq.

  • The Honorable Dan Monaco

  • Les Schultzel, M.D

  • Dick Westfall

Advisory Board

  • Xiaoxue “Charles” Wang, Ph.D., Associate Dean/Professor College of Education, Florida Gulf Coast University

  • Jing Shun “Jason” Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Educational Assessment, Evaluation & Research, Florida Gulf Coast University

Founding Directors in Memoriam

  • Stan Appelbaum
  • Lynn Schultzel

Executive Director

  • Jane Billings


The Team at Friends of Foster Children Forever

Standing Left to Right: Meredith Narayanan, Director of Strategic Information; Erick Montano, Program Support & Accountability; Jane Billings, Executive Director; Debbie Lageman, Academic Mentoring Coordinator

Seated Left to Right: Maria Bustamante, Ready for 5 Liaison; Vanessa Estrada, Director of Programs

Thank You to our Program Partners

On an annual basis, our Program Partners review FFCF grant requests and consider ongoing funding to support specific programs.