Our Programs

Our programs reflects our mission: To focus on the children we serve with targeted educational and enrichment opportunities that allow each child to fulfill his or her potential.

Academic Mentoring

Provides individualized one-on-one tutoring and mentoring services to the children we serve. Our children are set back educationally every time they experience a placement change or other traumatic event. Most of them are never at one school long enough to adjust to their new surroundings and learn the basic academics and social skills necessary to be a successful student.

Highly trained, professional academic mentors, work one-on-one with our children for up to three hours per week. Students are pre and post-tested to track their progress and accurately assess specific needs. The Academic Mentor provides much needed stability by staying with the child wherever they are placed, from home-to-home or school-to-school. The majority of children are tutored in their classroom at school which allows the tutor to have good communication with the child’s teacher and use the same curriculum as taught in the classroom. Do you know a foster child who could benefit from Academic Mentoring? Apply Here

Ready for 5

Research has shown that if children are behind when they enter kindergarten they are likely to remain behind throughout their academic years and beyond. Early childhood education promotes cognitive and language skills, math and reading skills, and also promotes emotional and social development.  We can help prepare a foster child starting kindergarten by providing our youngest learners with options to access high-quality early childhood programs from ages zero to five.  Once enrolled they can develop the full range of skills necessary to be successful in school and life.

Early Steps Program

Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resource System

After School Activities

Friends of Foster Children Forever offers enrichment opportunities for foster children in afterschool and/or on the weekends.   It enables foster children to take part in a wide-range of afterschool clubs and lessons such as karate classes, dance lessons, gymnastics, sports teams, art, band and music lessons. These activities help the children discover new skills, develop individual talents and realize personal goals.  Do you know a foster child who could benefit from enrichment activities after school? Apply Here

Summer Camps

The long summer months can be very difficult if a child is confined in less than desirable circumstances. Now, the summer can offer a window of opportunity for these children as they can attend an 8-week summer day camp where they can explore individual skills and talents. Where possible, FFCF matches children with their skills and passions. One young teen with a love of computers and design attended an intensive digital design class, a young girl with a passion for dance attended classes all summer long and her face just glowed with pride during her concluding performance. Do you know a foster child who could benefit from 8 weeks of enrichment over the long summer months? Apply Here

Emergency Backpack Bundles

The Backpack Bundles are used to provide 3 to 4 days of emergency personal supplies to foster children when they are removed in times of crisis. Many times, due to issues of abuse and neglect, children are removed, suddenly from their homes and they take nothing with them – just the clothes they are wearing. The Backpacks include: a blanket, small pillow, PJ’s, underwear, an outfit for school, toothbrush, toiletries, a book, cuddly toy and basic school supplies all bundled in a new backpack.

Two boys having cake at a birthday party.

Celebrating Birthdays & Holidays

Imagine being six years old and having a birthday that is just like any other day: no cards, no cake, no presents, no special treat, no outing just for you. This too often is how a foster child experiences their birthday. On average, a foster child experiences four moves and 3 birthdays during the course of their stay in the foster care system. With such constant upheaval, it isn’t surprising that a child’s birthday often gets lost in the shuffle.  The Birthday Club ensures that each child receives a special card including a $20 gift card, so they know that someone is thinking of them on their birthday. Sponsor a child on their birthday – Join the Birthday Club!

Emergency Supplies for Caregivers

Many times when children are removed from their home they are placed in the homes of a relative or non-relative caregiver. More often than not, these families are already struggling to make ends meet and rarely have money to absorb the additional costs. There is no federal or state funding to help these families taking in the children in times of crisis. Friends of Foster Children Forever collects and distributes donated goods such as formula, diapers, wipes and helps with bedding and safety equipment for young children.

Back to School Fair

Our Annual Back to School Fair has become a community-wide collaboration ensuring all foster children in our community are fully equipped and ready to start their first day of school.  This year over 400 foster children and their siblings were given new backpacks with supplies, uniforms or clothing vouchers, shoes, and books to start the school year off right.  They also received complimentary haircuts, dental and vision screenings.