The Need

Currently, there are close to 2,000 children in the five-county region of Southwest Florida who, due to abuse, abandonment or neglect, are in need of supervised care. Many of these children are moved multiple times from home to home. With each move it becomes harder for these children to stay on track academically, which adds to their overwhelming feeling of isolation.

Last year we helped over 1,200 children.

Our mission is to focus on these children with targeted educational and enrichment opportunities that allow each child to fulfill their potential. Changing children’s lives now and improving their futures through successful, proven programs like tutoring and academic mentoring, enrichment activities and summer camps.

We’re able to help some of these children but there are many, many more who desperately need our help. We know that education is one of the only way to break this unforgiving cycle. Please help us to Help these children.

We CAN make a difference, YOU are the key!

Contact Friends of Foster Children Forever today to learn more about the different ways you can help. You can help fulfill the vision of a community where all children are provided the tools to thrive.