For more information or to sign-up, please contact Maria at 239-262-1808 or Maria@friendsoffosterchildren.net

Many prospective volunteers wish to help by working on-on-one with the children. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of Dependency cases, this is not possible, except for the two opportunities outlined below.

There are volunteer opportunities to participate in large group events with the children such as field trips, shopping trips, and special outings. Background screening is also required for these events.

Volunteers seeking a, year-round, in-depth commitment working directly with the children might want to consider becoming an Academic Mentor or Guardian ad Litem. These opportunities require training, background screenings and the willingness to make a major commitment to the child, twelve months per year and sometimes several times a week.

Activity Description Frequency Needs Fingerprinting & Background Check
Fundraising Gurus Helping grow fundraising through events & auctions As needed no
Backpack Bundlers Assemble and fill backpacks for children moved from their homes in times of crisis 1 day as needed no
Back to School Buddies Help the children their families and siblings get everything they need at the Annual Back to School Fair First Saturday in August no
Friends Forever Photographer Take high quality, media-ready photos of special children’s events and field trips As needed Yes and must be over 21
Decorating Divas For special events, presentations and displays, and unique tokens of appreciation As needed no
Caring Quilters Create colorful quilts to go with the babies moved to emergency care As needed no
Holiday Elves To  pick up and wrap holiday gifts for the children December no
Field Trip Friends To chaperone a child/children on field  trips and outings 2 Saturdays in summer Yes and must be over 21

Thank You to our Program Partners

On an annual basis, our Program Partners review FFCF grant requests and consider ongoing funding to support specific programs.